The Legacy of Theo Walcott Is Still Fresh Amongst His Fans

Even though Theo Walcott retired from professional football at the age of 32. His fans still fondly remember his best years at the club where he became a goal-scoring machine. Walcott started his football journey when he joined the youth academy at eight years old of his local club. Even before he had turned 16, many hailed him as one of the best prospects in the footballing world seeing his performances. After a few years at the academy, he finally got his big move to one of the best clubs in the country for a large fee considering the time.

At Arsenal, Walcott quickly became a fan favorite because of his pace and finishing skills. He slowly became a goal-scoring machine for the club in a cup match against their feared rivals, and since then his goal-scoring form started as he racked up more than a hundred goals during his time at the club. Walcott was also the main player behind the team’s triumph in the cup competition scoring crucial goals as well as making important contributions in the knockout stages.

As well as playing for the national team, Walcott scored numerous goals for the team during his time there. He also took part in competitions where he showcased his skills and talent in front of the world.

Although injuries hampered Walcott’s career, but his positive impact on and off the pitch cannot be ignored. He was also well known for his good behavior off the field while also having a great relationship with the fans. Walcott visited hospitals and schools often and started his foundation to help young people in need. His speed, finishing skills, and impact on the sport and society will always be remembered.