Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has said that Theo Walcott is becoming a real force in the ambitions of the club to finish in the top four this season. Arsenal started the season poorly, while it was no different from the form of Theo Walcott earlier in the season. Many criticised the former Southampton winger for his poor performances, but Walcott’s performances in recent weeks has improved considerably. He was the influential figure in helping Arsenal win against Tottenham recently, while Arsene Wenger believes that Walcott could prove to be the influential figure in the club’s ambitions to finish in the top three.

Arsenal are currently in the third position in the table after having just overtaken Tottenham. Arsenal managed a 1-0 win over Everton in the midweek action, while Tottenham could only draw against Stoke city at home. Further, Tottenham will be facing a tough fixture in the form of Chelsea during the weekend, while Arsenal will be welcoming Aston Villa – a relatively easy fixture based upon the history – to the Emirates. Walcott was again influential in the match against Newcastle United recently when he provided the final minute cross for Thomas Vermaelen to head home.

“I think people forget about Theo because he is so long in the spotlight that people forget he is 23 years old and he is now getting to an age where you perform. It’s as simple as that. He develops well because he is intelligent and I feel tactically and technically tonight he played a complete game. We played recently against Tottenham, Liverpool, Newcastle, and at Sunderland who are difficult to beat,” Arsene Wenger said after the 2-1 victory over Newcastle United recently. Even though Arsenal have overtaken Tottenham in the race for the top three positions, they still have a long way to go before they secure the spot.