Republic of Ireland assistant manager Roy Keane has asked Arsenal striker Theo Walcott to relax after a recent spike in form.

The Red Devils legend was a major rival of Arsenal when he was a played for United for 12 years. However, he seems to be advising as a concerned person. He asked that the Gunner not to get carried away with the surge in performance indicators.

Walcott has scored goals recently, and added two in the Champions League game against Basel. His goals were helpful in sending Arsenal to the top of Group A table. Last term, Walcott struggled with form, and many asked that Wenger replace him. Wenger refused, saying the young man was now focused on reaching his true potential. Truly, this term so far, Walcott’s work ethics has been impressive. He has scored more goals and is a real threat to any opposition.

Keane has asked Walcott to maintain the form for several seasons. “It’s took him a while to get settled. Listen, he’s had a good week. The guy needs to relax. Try and play well for the next seven to eight months. Tonight [speaking of the Basel game] was lovely for Arsenal. When they’re in that form and have that amount of possession, they’re great to watch – they could’ve seven, eight, nine goals easily,” Keane told ITV Sport.

Keane added that there were still tough games ahead, and that the striker needs to prove himself for the next year or two. A fellow pundit, Lee Dixon was more optimistic, and he heaped praises on the player.

“There is no doubt that some players mature at different levels. He’s 27 now and it’s been a while. I’ve been critical of him in the past. Sometimes, he’s not worked out in training how to shift players around. Saturday and tonight he was unplayable. He seems like he’s turned into a different player,” said Dixon.