Wayne Bridge doesn’t believe Leicester City will win the Premier League

Leicester City continues defying the odds as they are making a historic season with impressive performances and victories that has shocked the world of football and they are reaching closer to the coveted Premier League title.

Throughout the entire season, Leicester City has been dominant but despite everything that they have accomplished so far, Wayne Bridge doesn’t seem to be convinced that the team of Claudio Ranieri has what it takes to clinch the English piece of silverware.

The former Chelsea player believes that Leicester City will be able to make a top 4 finish in the Premier League but he isn’t so certain that they are going to become the new champions of England.

“They are not feeling the pressure like a top team would, so you certainly can’t write them off. But winning the title is a difficult ask, even though they are a strong team and scoring goals with ease at the moment.’’

“I still fancy Manchester City because they haven’t hit top gear yet and still have Sergio Aguero to come back firing. But the top four is a realistic ambition for Leicester and they just need to keep going. Every week people expect them to slip up but it doesn’t happen.” Wayne Bridge said.

Wayne Bridge is a retired footballer who hung up his boots after being released by Reading on 2014 and the Englishman is now spending the majority of his time as a father to his 2 young boys.

The wife of Wayne Bridge, Frankie Bridge confirmed that after he retired from playing professional competitive football, he has been focusing on raising their kids. Frankie Bridge said: “As Wayne is retired, he’s at home with the boys now so I know that one of us is there. And I drove home every day off and spent the day with them and any nights off.”